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Sativa dominant hybrid  first developed in Northern California high-yielding cannabis plant made by  crossing Super Silver Haze with Blueberry . A very popular West Coast strain that’s making its way to the East Coast thanks to its strong medicinal properties.  This notorious bud flaunts a high THC level that goes from 17-24% and heap of both indicia sativa impacts. Because its stellar flavor and buzzy cerebrals high, history  essentially  wipe from books believing its origins must be a dream . Its making a name in the medical community, though no one knows who makes it  and where it comes from. outside of most speculating it birth in Santa Cruz. Because of these powerful blend impacts, these strain is an ideal strain for treating patients experiencing conditions like persistent pressure. Blue Dream has a flavorful fragrance of sweet blueberry pie, sample of candy coated blueberries that stays on your tongue long when smoking. This bud huge thick  fleecy popcorn-formed brilliant neon green nugs with golden, blue hairs and rich blue feelings. These nugs are clean with a fine layer of sandy smooth white trichrome and sweet tacky gum

Effects Blue Dream Strain

The THC content of ~17% However, is also not so strong that you will feel knocked out by this strain. Help relieve medical marijuana presents from chronic pain, ease nausea and It also works well to alleviate anxiety and depression.

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