Pot Of Gold


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Pot Of Gold

Treasure is a vigorously indica predominant half and half (90% indica/10% sativa) strain that was made by raisers from the scandalous Flying Dutchman Seed Company. This strain is a madly powerful cross of the massively famous Hindu Kush X Skunk #1 strains and flaunts a THC level going from 15-21% by and large. Treasure won second Place at the 2003 Cannabis Cup for Best Hybrid. This is notable among cannabis authorities as the ideal bud for night use. Clients portray the Pot of Gold high as an incredible yet average indica high with a mind-boggling feeling of lethargy and elation.

Clients are compose and innovative yet in an exceptionally loosen up perspective and body that is as yet utilitarian. Due to these intense impacts, Pot of Gold is the ideal decision for treating patients experiencing conditions like.  Constant agony because of disease or injury, muscle fits, and aggravation. The Pot of Gold bud has thick minty green verdant larger than usual nugs with rich golden connotations. This are splash with thick searing orange hairs and a fine layer of precious stone trichomes. This strain has a fragrance that  portrays as being suggestive of a skunk in an apple plantation, and a sample of sweet organic product with a skunky trailing sensation.

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